Smart City 360

Virtual urban landscape with extras

We created a VR-activity with T-Systems, leading telecommunications company to present Deutsche Telekom’s robust and often closely integrated smart city solutions to city leaders and decision-makers working in public administration.

By breaking down the divide between people and technology and placing the spotlight on the user experience, we made it possible to discover the advantages of the smart city first-hand through a custom virtual reality platform for Deutsche Telekom known as Smart City 360. The core of the system is a virtual urban landscape of Deutsche Telekom’s new Budapest headquarters and surroundings, faithful to every last detail, which can be located virtually throughout the 30,000 m2 property. The exceptional feature of the demos was their integration with live systems, allowing real-time data exchange to take place between the virtual world and IoT objects in the real world. For example, the virtual tram arrived at exactly the same time as it did in the real world, and the virtually activated smog alarm also alerted the demo system.

The SC360 platform debuted at the Deutsche Telekom stand at the 2017 Barcelona International Smart City Expo. Since then we have customized its content and implemented it for the communications needs of local subsidiaries on several occasions. Users are able to try the devices themselves by using the electric car charger, handling the ticket automation system, or even connecting their virtual phone to the Wi-Fi network.