Biosciences Opening Ceremony

A unique inauguration

We created a special inauguration ceremony for the new research center of BD Biosciences, one of the world’s leading medical technology firms.

BD Biosciences made a USD 23 million investment in a new research center in Tatabánya, Hungary. Since the characteristics of the building were unsuitable for a traditional ribbon cutting, we had to come up with a different and creative way to deliver the ceremony.

We designed a special, innovative 60-second LED show which reflected the values and business activities of BD. Four special guests pressed four separate buttons at the same time to begin an animation film which presented the working processes at the center in an artistic manner. The mark the handover of the site, the animation closed with the BD logo being formed by smaller pieces. After that, another animation film presented the new building to the guests.

The inauguration ceremony marked the culmination of our two-year working relationship: we had also organized the groundbreaking and topping out ceremonies for the research center, meaning that our agency was responsible for marking each of the major stages in its construction.