We created the leading tech conference of the region with T-Systems.

The goal of Symposium is to give an answer to one of the most current questions: how will economy and society be able to keep up and transform with technology and steer evolution? The participants, including economic and innovation policy decision makers, acknowledged Hungarian technology experts, as well as prominent members of the info-communications field had a chance to draw inspiration from professional lectures and spectacular demonstrations.

We developed an event concept for the conference, created the stage design and artistic concept, and supported the event with integrated communication. To create a worthy framework for the event, we projected content in the plenary hall using a unique black canvas which was 10 meters wider than the world record holder IMAX cinema. We produced creative concepts for around a dozen unique tech demos in the exhibition hall.

One of the conference’s highlights, the FutureSpace showcased T-System’s digital solutions through real-life devices.

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